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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  June 18, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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breaking news, a traffic nightmare for so many commuters on this father's day. all eastbound lanes of the bay bridge were closed for over five hour this is morning while the chp investigated an officer-involved shooting. chp reporting two lanes are now opening. this is a live look at the bridge. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard live on scene for us. and cornell, tell us what happened and how things look now? >> still quite a mess out here. but you can't tell from this shot because traffic going into the city is open. those are the westbound lanes. but the lower deck of the eastbound bay bridge have been closed for hours. you could see the investigation taking place up there. chp telling us just moments ago
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that two left lanes, eastbound have just reopened but this investigation is far from over into this officer-involved shooting. here is what we know. chp said officers responded to a collision about a mile west of the toll plaza involving two cars, about 3:30 this morning. during the investigation, a red cadillac that was not involved in the collision started approaching the officers investigated on the right shoulder. after several commands for the car to stop, multiple rounds were fired into the car. three people were in that vehicle. only the driver was struck. that person was taken total in . we do not know his or her condition. but this investigation is still ongoing. traffic, as you said, is a complete mess in san francisco for people who have not gotten
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the news that the eastbound lanes going to oakland of the bay bridge are still closed, although we have been told that two left lanes have just reopened. traffic is being diverted on to fourth street in san francisco off the skyway but if you can, please avoid the bay bridge. it will save you a lot of headaches. there are a lot of alternates, take the san mateo bridge and richmond and san rafael bridge as well but this investigation will be going on for sometime. and the traffic mess will not ease up for at least several hours. that is what we know here from the bay bridge toll plaza. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> thank you for the update. and it is still a mess for quite sometime. this is the tweet that we got 20 minutes ago. chp san francisco saying two left lanes on the bay bridge i-85 eastbound opening three other lanes remain closed for police investigation. and our team monitoring the investigation. and if you see news, take a
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photo or video and share it with us using the #abc7now and we'll share it on air or at and the hot weather in store for all of us on this father's day. let's cheek in with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everybody. no fog. we are warmer this morning. live doppler 7 is nice and clear and we're going to see some fog return tonight. and heat advisory has been extended through thursday. heat-related illnesses a possibility throughout the day today as you notice all of the areas in orange have been highlighted. if you can, limit your outdoor activities and stay hydrated and stay out of the sun. 85 right now in concord. 92 in san ramon. 78 in oakland. 80 in hayward. it is 9:00 in the morning. we are from 2 to 12 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. so your day planner today, you could plan on numbers into the
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mid-90s in the next couple of hours. mid-80s around the bay. but look at the coast. it tayes comfortable and we'll see temperatures continue to stay quite warm into the 07 hour. and i mentioned fog returning tonight. it will help us out throughout the evening and into monday, we'll talk about it in a few minutes. >> i little relief there. lisa, thank you. as you heard, it is going to be a scorcher so take it slow and hydrate and try to stay cool. a live look from the east bay hills cam and temperatures expected to soar into the triple-digits as lisa just told us. katie udis stopped by in pleasant ton to see how people are coping with the heat wave. >> how hot do you think it is out? >> super, duper, duper hot. >> reporter: the bay area has hit triple-digits. >> i think i saw 103 on the weather gage. >> reporter: at the fair in pleasanton, that means an increase in heat-related
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incidents. >> that is a huge spike in our calls. >> so if you are hitting up your favorite fair attraction. >> my favorite spot is where the rides are. >> how about you? >> mine is where all of the games are. >> mine is where all of the slides are. >> reporter: remember to take a break at the water misters. >> they are amazing. those are like the hidden spots, we might head over there again later on. >> and some saw relief at the wave in dublin and they are offering free rec swim between 6:00 and 8:00 this weekend. the heat wave may feel like the dog days of summer but it didn't stop the style witnessed at corgi-con. take in the fresh air at the san francisco ocean beach or the evening breeze back at the fair. >> when we get a nice breeze through the property, so definitely in the evening we've been seeing larger crowds. >> reporter: because a little heat shouldn't keep you away from your favorite fair treat. >> i come here just for this, this is so good.
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>> reporter: abc 7 news. and the weather prompting a warning from fire crews. we were in oakland yesterday where the temperatures may have contributed to a grass fire that shut down highway 13 at redwood road for hours. firefighters are warning everyone to be careful during the hot, dry weather and they warn people not to throw cigarette butts out of car windows. and we want to show you now a live look from santa cruz. look at this. the beach starting to fill up a little more than we saw earlier this morning. that is where many people are heading today to take refuge from the heat. umbrellas and blankets were scatt scattered along the beach yesterday. crowded and reaching highs of 85 degrees. we could expect a similar crowd today. and keep track of the heat with our abc 7 news accuweather app. you could find it free on your phone's app store. now we want to get to developing news. concord police have a suspect in custody in connection with a shooting death of a man outside
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of a very popular nightclub. it happened yesterday on salvo street. an argument broke out in front of the niko lounge. >> i couldn't hear. you could just -- i knew it was on bad terms and then that is it. he just got shot twice and then fell and then it was done, so he was fighting for his life. >> police served a search warrant for the suspect in oakley and he wasn't home and instead they arrested the 27-year-old suspect after a traffic accident. meanwhile, friends tell us the victim is 42-year-old rob natural who often worked as a security guard at the bar. a car fire slowed freeway traffic for a while in emeryville. look at these -- pictures taken from the tower camera yesterday. a car going westbound on i-80 burst into flames, happened about 9:45 near powell street, a
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huge sight there and stopping traffic. occupants able to get out of the car. they were not hurt. that is the good news. one lane had to be shut down while the fire department attended to that fire. and the temporary head of the sfpd watch dog agency has stepped down. it is amid allegations of sexual harassment. robert ohmanuel for thees was the interim director for a month. but the harassment claims were filed by a senior investigator in the human resources department over an incident allegedly occurring in 2014. beginning this monday, eric baulta czar is the new interim director. time to look at how much money marin county has in the coffers and how it will affect you. they are hoping to pass a $555 million budget proposal and a vote scheduled for tuesday. one time expenses include this, $3 million for roads and storm damage repair and $1.6 million for the fire station replacement
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and $100,000 for a library flagship vehicle and the plan taking effect in july would be a 2.6% increase over the current budget. >> the little red scooters you see around san francisco may soon be able to park in neighborhoods for as long as they like. scoot is a shared program with over 700 vehicles in the city. prior to 2015 the scooters would be ticketed by the city even if no one rented them but the new deal would allow the scooters an exemption from residential parking permit time limits. the san francisco mta will look at the issue on tuesday. and now back to our other big top headline. we need the sunscreen water and everything to stay cool. >> right. and it looks nice out there. the minute you step out there, it is already in the 80s so the key to the forecast, the lack of wind and when we get any wind it is from the north and that is heating us up more. 78 in oakland and 72 in the city
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with 80s to upper 80s and a few areas reporting 90s. so we'll break it down for you and talk about when we get relief in just a few minutes. also next, the latest on the disappearance of a mother after a bahamas sailboat accident and why the fbi is calling her husband a suspect. and the bills couldy trial ends in a
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9:13. sky 7 overhead the huge investigation happening on the eastbound i-80 where the bay bridge was closed for five hours earlier this morning after an officer-involved shooting. you see a car there on the open side of the bay bridge. it looks like they are looking at that vehicle. still several lanes blocked there. two lane reopen within the last 30 minutes going eastbound. hopefully alleviating some of that traffic buildup that we have seen throughout this father's day morning. and of course, we're continuing to track this breaking news as soon as we get more updates we'll pass them along. now to other news. movie fans are mourning the death of animal house actor steven first after a long battle with diabetes. first had tv roles in st. elsewhere and babylon 5 but known for playing flounder in animal house. he had been fighting diabetes for more than 20 years.
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he appeared in an educational video after dropping 85 pounds. first was 63 years old. now to the mistrial in the bill cosby sexual assault case. minutes after the judge made his announcement, the prosecutor vowed to put the comedian on trial again. but there is a very line. lindsay davis has more on the timetable from new york. >> bill cosby raised his fist in victory on saturday after arriving in his pennsylvania home. the comedian walked out of the montgomery county courthouse, greeted by sworn and support. >> after more than 50 hours of deliberation, the jury of 12 deadlocked prompting the judge to declare a mistrial in the sexual assault trial. the jury seven men and five women included two african-americans, as the judge announced the jury was still deadlocked, cosby leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.
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>> having 12 perfect strangers deliberate on your fate has to be a strain the likes of which i can't imagine. >> reporter: a representative read this scathing statement from his wife camille. >> how do i describe the district attorney, heinously and exploitively ambitious. how do you describe the judge in overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. >> reporter: the district attorney has a fierce entertainment of his own, immediately announcing plans to retry cosby. >> we are going to retry the case. i said it in court. there was no pause or hesitation about that and we're moving forward. >> reporter: he said tess doing in part because of the resolve of andrea constand, the woman at the heart of the case who claimed cosby drugs and sexually assaulted her and cosby said it was consensual and this statement said we are confident that these proceeding have given a victim to many victims who felt powerless.
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and the judge said that a mistrial is not a vindication or a win for anybody. there will be another trial in 120 days. >> there will be difficulty finding jurors that won't have heard about the case and the evidence but the question becomes can you find jurors fair and impartial. >> reporter: with a mistrial as if this trial never even happened. bill cosby is still out on bond and the same judge who oversaw this first trial will oversee the next one. lindsay davis, abc 7 news. a cosby accuser living in the north bay reacting to the mistrial. lonni rivera visited the woman who said she was also sexually assaulted by cosby. >> watching this unfold on the news now kind of makes me sick to my stomach. >> janice baker kinney checked her phone right away to know what jurors decided in bill cosby's sexual assault trial.
9:18 am
>> really wasn't that surprised. >> reporter: given toz's culture she said victims are often victimized again and it happened to her. >> i was one of the few victims that accepted drugs from him while at a party. >> reporter: back in 1982 janice was a 24-year-old bar tender atn har ah's and she passed out and said cosby sexually assaulted her. >> even after i was raped i perpetuated a rape culture because i blamed myself. >> she felt it was her fault and other women began sharing similar stories. janice felt the courage to come forward. this new york magazine recently featured her and other women who accused cosby of sexual assault. many of the women have formed a bond. >> people were thanking us for coming forward because it helped them have a voice. >> reporter: after sharing her story, kenny heard from other female and male victims of
9:19 am
sexual assault. >> no matter what happens with the verdict, guilty or not, this is the beginning for a lot of us. >> reporter: whatever the final outcome, she said the case draws attention to a problem and that in itself is positive. in the north bay, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> starting out with clear conditions and temperatures rapidly rising. here is a look at the peninsula. sfo into the 80s and warmer than yesterday and further south well into the 90s. so right now, 72 in san francisco. you are in the mid-60s so you've come up considerably in the last couple of hours. 87 in oakland. mountain view 77. san jose already at 81. 80 in gilroy and on the coast a comfortable 61 degrees. could you see the flag blowing there. a breeze up to 20 miles per hour in the north bay and 15 miles per hour around ocean beach. 79 in santa rosa. 80 in napa. 82 novato.
9:20 am
toward brentwood, well into the 90s. 85 in concord, 82 in livermore. and again a warm day at the beach. 80s here. and temperatures will come down a bit tomorrow. that is the good news. spare the air alert today. records are possible and the triple-digits though really most likely into the entire workweek. tahoe behind me at 70 degrees. and we're looking at mid and upper 80s all week. so here are the temperatures today. in livermore, gilroy san jose, 100 or better. 96 on the peninsula. 80 in san francisco. and the records are pretty close in some of the cities an this is the year the record was broken so likely we'll see a record in san jose, perhaps gilroy and mountain view and maybe even san francisco. so we'll look for a pretty warm week. and with the air quality going down today, it will be in the warmer locations from the south bay to the east bay. you could probably already see that with the haze in the atmosphere. so other temperature s along th coast, further not, about there,
9:21 am
stinson about 80 degrees, and 75 in ocean beach, 72 half moon bay and monterey 72. so very popular place. and in the south bay today, check it out. it is just going to be a scorcher, from 100 in los gatos. 101 in gilroy. look for 97 around sunnyvale and look at the mid park to los altos and the temperatures to pacifica, comfortable but the city is warmer today at 80 degrees. and in the north bay, ticking up to the triple-digit mark from santa rosa to calistoga, napa and novato and almost there and into the east bay. got a game today. it is baking out there. so in the 90s for the athletics today. and 92 in union city. inland and into the shade of pink which just means temperatures oppressive. so try to stay hydrated, out of the sun if you can. and stay in the
9:22 am
air-conditioning. how about that 105 in brendwood. and 106 in pittsburg. download our accuweather map and as summer begins on tuesday, the changes come tomorrow with a little bit of coastal fog that should help us out around the bay, and along the coast. but we'll warm right back up again into the middle of the week so that heat advisory until thursday night now and it is going to be friday and into the weekend when we feel more like comfortable, like what we expect. so between now and then, just do your best to stay out of the sun. >> yeah. stay indoors. or head to lake tahoe. you showed us that beautiful image. >> wow! lisa, thanks. and another hot news item that we are following. queen b. and jay-z new parents. well there is baby reports buzzing this morning. do they have boys, girls?
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welcome back. we turn to the case of a mother who went missing at sea one month ago. she was on a boating trip near the bahamas with her husband. the fbi searching the home the couple shared with their 9-month-old baby in delray beach, florida. here is lindsay janice with the latest on the investigation. >> this morning the investigation into what happened to missing mom isabella hellman
9:26 am
intensifying. authorities calling her husband a possible suspect. the fbi spending hours searching the couple's south florida home on friday. >> maybe this will bring closure to what happened to her. >> reporter: hellman and bennett who had a young daughter were on a sailing trip off the coast of the bahamas when the coast guard received a distress signal early in the morning of may 15th. >> the initial report was that the vessel struck an unknown sub merged on the and began taking on water. >> they discovered bennett in a life raft not far from his overturned boat but bennett telling investigators he woke up when the boat hit something and his wife was nowhere to be found. >> some months ago, my best friend went missing and we have yet to receive any answers. >> reporter: hellman's friends and family launching a facebook page and her best friend telling of a fight before the trip, saying hellman has been refusing to move to her new husband's
9:27 am
native australia. >> she was said on no, i'm not moving. so he was upset about her not wanting to go with him home. >> reporter: now a month later the fbi conducting a court authorized search of the couple's condo. >> they must have some information that would suggest that there may be some foul play going on. >> reporter: in an interview with the daily mail bennett stating his innocence saying i understand why mef to investigate and that is fair enough. i have nothing to hide. >> the family is destroyed. the family is extremely hurt. >> reporter: lindsay janice, abc news, new york. and now to reports that beyonce and jay-z had twins. according to tmz, the twins were born on monday, a boy and a girl. but they and the mother still in an l.a. hospital. doctors say a minor issue surfaces with the babies. they didn't elaborate and according to tmz beyonce okay but also still in the hospital. still to come on abc 7 news,
9:28 am
the most expensive congressional race in american history in just two days in georgia. what it could mean if a young democrat wins in a traditionally republican district. and taking action on the peninsula, after the break, the way one community is taking a stand against what it is calling modern d with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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i'm jessica castro. thanks for joining us. breaking news we're watching, all eastbound lanes of the bay bridge closed this morning for more than five hours while chp investigating an officer-involved shooting. and two lanes now open as the investigation continued. a live look from sky 7 at the bridge conditions. now they are towing the vehicle that they were investigating. so that leaves us to believe that all lanes will be open any moment now. let's check with cornell bernard still on scene. are they back open from your
9:31 am
advantage point. >> reporter: we just saw the car in question in this officer-involved shooting just being towed away as you tossed out to me here. we are still waiting for all lanes on eastbound bay bridge to be reopen. but as you could see, traffic heading into san francisco free and clear. chp telling us a few minutes ago that the two left lanes have been reopened into oakland. those are the eastbound lanes. and traffic from san francisco to treasure island is flowing free and clear. but this investigation is still ongoing into this officer-involved shooting. take a look. here what we know. chp said officers responded to a collision a mile west of the toll plaza involving two cars at about 3:30 a.m. and during investigation a red cadillac not
9:32 am
involved in the crash started approaching the officers and after several commands for the car to stop, multiple rounds were fired into the car. three people in the car were -- were in the car. only the driver was shot. the person was taken to the hospital. their condition is unknown this morning. the passengers in the car are being interviewed by the chp as we speak. let's go back up to sky 7 showing the traffic nightmare. i guess the traffic nightmare that was getting a little bit better here in the eastbound direction. traffic to treasure island as i said is now open but after treasure island, it does filter down to two lanes. and i believe that may be changing here in the next few minutes after the red cadillac that was involved in the officer-involved shooting was towed away literally one minute ago. but earlier this morning, eastbound, lower deck of the bay bridge was completely shut down.
9:33 am
after 3:30 a.m., as investigators looked into this officer-involved shooting. many people did not get the word. traffic on the sky way heading into san francisco and people who wanted to go to oakland did not get the word and they were diverted at fourth street. that detour went on for hours and hours. it was a nightmare. but as you could see, it looks like things are getting better. we are awaiting word that all lanes will be reopened in the eastbound lanes. the investigation does continue here on the bay bridge. cornell bernard live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you for that latest update. one more look at sky 7. and just want to update our viewers on a tweet here from the chp san francisco. they are explaining here all lanes going east from san francisco to treasure island are open but once you get past the island the three right lanes will be closed. the two left ones open.
9:34 am
but as we saw that car get towed away, we are hoping that we do get all of those lanes open here any minute now as cornell was reporting. a rapidly changing situation but good news for commuters as they head out of the door. the back up, there is still back-up right now as we could see from our sky 7 advantage point. but a picture from the ground from one of our producer, baraka burkes, he was there on the bridge moment ago and here is what the traffic buildup looked like. you could expect traffic to be backed up but certainly things getting better as we saw in the live report from cornell bernard. and if you have a advantage point there when you head out of the door and you see any of this or you have pictures from earlier this morning, use the #abc7now and we could share that with other viewers so they don't get stuck in traffic, too. well if you are stuck in the
9:35 am
traffic. you certainly need the air-conditioning. let's check our weather with lisa argen. >> good morning. that water looks so cool behind you and right now a couple of advantage points from san francisco where you see it looks hazy out there. 72 here in the city. 78 in oakland. 77 in mountain view. 81 in san jose. gilroy and half moon bay 61. and 80 in napa. 82 in novato. 85 concord. and we will be looking at temperatures anywhere from 2 to 5 degrees warmer today. spare the air alert, our heat advisory continues into thursday. and 12 degrees warmer in hayward than yesterday. so at 10:00, well into the upper 80s. and as you look at 11:00 -- wow! 90s around the bay. i'll tell you when the heat eases in a few minutes. >> thank you. and the president and the entire political world will be closely watching a special congressional ae leeks coming up on tuesday. a young democrat name jon ossoff
9:36 am
making a strong showing in a republican district. david wright reporting from the white house. >> reporter: georgia six is now the most expensive congressional race in american history. bidding democrat jon ossoff -- against republican karen handel. between them, the two parties have spent upwards of $40 million. >> and we appreciate everything that you have done for us. >> reporter: the two are running neck and neck in the polls. the seat held until a few months ago by president trump's secretary of health and human services, tom price. now being seen as a bell weather in the battle to control congress. >> which tells me we've got to have a crazy high turnout for election on tuesday. >> reporter: today a shocking new ad from a political action committee not from either campaign, capitalizes on the alexandria shooting at a republican baseball practice.
9:37 am
>> now the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting republicans. when will it stop in it won't. if he wins on tuesday. >> osoff denounced the ad noting that a man is fighting for his life in the hospital right now and it is shameful. before the gunman denounced handel in a facebook post for a comment she made in the runoff debate. >> i do not support a liveable wage. >> reporter: the candidate condemned the shooting as a despicable unprovoked attack. her spokesperson called the new ad disturbing and disgusting. david right, abc news, washington. on the peninsula, neighbors are hoping to stop what is being called, quote, modern day slavery. abc 7 news was in san mateo yesterday as congress woman jackie spear hosted an event to educate people on how to spot human trafficking and illegal brothels.
9:38 am
it is a problem we showed you last year when san mateo place raided a home across the street from sarah high school. >> sex trafficking isn't going on somewhere across the ocean, but right here in our community and maybe even right next door. >> reporter: police say it was tips from neighbors who noticed unusual activity that helped them make arrests and shut down the brothel last november. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, mixing it up in honor of the warriors. the boir bay area baker that became the fast favorite of steph curry and his teammates. and a live look at golden gate bridge. it looks beautiful out there but looks could be deceiving. it looks cool with all of the water surrounding but
9:39 am
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welcome back. in health news, researchers say taking it easy on fried potatoe
9:41 am
could give you a longer life sotory french fry lovers, people could double their risk of dying early if they eat fried poughs two to three times a week. scientists in italy came to the conclusion after tracking more than 4,000 people over eight years. they say the study is observal means it didn't prove that it could cause an early death but there is some sort of correlation. the scientists say that other factors could be in play including obesity and sedentary lifestyle. the potato counsel said the study has no relevance to the gem population, so -- you know, maybe an excuse for all of that you do like french fries. >> i just had them yesterday. >> they are so tasty. >> you know what else is good today is ice cream. >> uh-huh, yes. absolutely. and a lot of you probably indulged yesterday. it was warm yesterday. and today even hotter. from mt. tam. where is the breeze. 80s here. in the 90s in brendwood and in
9:42 am
san ram on. when will it stop. we do have relief tomorrow. the low clouds and fog coming back tomorrow. that is a nice treat. we'll talk to you about that and the look at the extended outlook in a few minutes. and ward is perfect in the ring. how the pride of oakland defended his title in the
9:43 am
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welcome back. in sports, oakland native andre ward tried to remain undefeated last night in a highly
9:45 am
anticipated rematch in las vegas. here is anthony flores with the highlights and this morning's sports. >> the first time andre ward beat kolov there was controversy but this time he didn't leave it up to the judges. the rematch in las vegas. now ward is still not lost a fight but he was in danger. the aggressor early, but according to unofficial score cards he won five of the first seven rounds but ward counters with a tko in the eighth thanks with a right hand and three shots to the body, ward improves to 32-0 with 15 knockouts. and even par is usually a good score at the u.s. open. not this year. a record 32 players were under par in the third round, including justin thomas who played a round for the ages. ricky fowler is a fan favorite in erin hills in wisconsin. fowler shot a four under 68 and this birdie on 16th was his third in a row.
9:46 am
getting him to ten under par. two shots off the lead. justin tom the round of the day became the fifth player to ever shoot a 63 at the open. and set the record low score in relation to par at 9 under. look at that birdie on five. how did he start that put off. wow, he drains the eagle on 18 to complete the round. 11 under for the tournament. he was the clubhouse leader until tommy fleetwood made this birdie to go to 12 under. woe boggy 18 and limped home and one shot back giving the lefty harman the lead thanks to this nine foot birdie put on 15. that got him to five under par. so harman will play with thomas in the final pairing on sunday, koepka and fleetwood are one back at the u.s. open. if the a's play the yankees every game, they would be in first place. maybe not. but despite having the worst record in the american league, the a's have won three in arow against the first place yankees
9:47 am
and this guy paying tribute to judge who is from linden, just outside of stockton, and joyce leading off with the eighth home run of the season and joyce got on base five times, the a's had a 1-0 lead. second inning, yanks up 2-1 and healy on a power trip. his 16th of the year. so it ties at the game at 2-2. and then in the fourth, the second home run of the game for healy. as for judge, he struck out three times, jesse hahn gets him here and picks up the win, five innings and three runs on two hits and struck out six and the a's win it 5-2. >> giants and rockies, dad enjoying the special day. the giants had ten hits but only one run. that came in the fourth inning. hernandez with a base hit to right. hundley beats the throw and we are tied at 1-1. matt cain worked five innings allow two runs on nine hits and trevor story back up the middle
9:48 am
and the rockies take a 2-1 lead an then in the seventh a two out pop fly and pence playing deep can't make the play and the giants lose the fifth straight and they fall and the final score is 5-1. the giants lost eight in a row to the rockies. they will wrap up the four game series this afternoon in colorado. have a great sunday and happy father's day. good morning. i wish we could have ordered a better father's day for you because it is a bit on the hot side for pretty much everyone unless at the coast. here is a live look from the sutro tower camera. it is nice and comfortable in the city but into the inland valleys, it is just baking today. you thought it was hot yesterday. we did reach 100 at the concord airport, but hour by hour we warm into the 80s and then 90s within the next couple of hours. and look at what happens from 3:00 to 5:00. we're still baking. but as we look outside, where is
9:49 am
that breeze? we usually have that nice breeze on top of mt. tam. there will be a bit of a breeze at the coast and allowing for comfortable conditions but live doppler 7 showing the lack of cloud cover but fog on the way tonight and it is coming back and work to cool us off tonight and here is emeryville. looking beautiful with the water and the sky there. but later on this afternoon, the air quality will be worse into the east bay valley. 72 in the city. 78 in oakland. on the peninsula, 77. san jose 81. 82 in gilroy and 63 at half moon bay. and notice the snow melt here. the sierra nevada in the 70s, going into the mid and upper 80s today. 79 in santa rosa. 80 in napa. 84 in novato and 88 by the delta. 85 concord and 82 in livermore. look at the beach. the people already. temperatures into the 70s and 80s later on today. so spare the air alert.
9:50 am
second of the season and we'll get records today. probably by 3:00 or 4:00 we'll have an idea. but it looks like several could be shattered and the triple-digit heat, unfortunately extends into thursday. we'll see minor fluctuations so sizzling with the north bay and south bay and east bay in triple-digits and you are warmer and redwood city and san francisco almost 20 degrees warmer and redwood city, the high today of 90 is 10 degrees above average and with the fog tonight, look at what happens tomorrow. in the 80s on tuesday and wednesday. not too hard to take. but then the numbers spike back up again on thursday and into the end of the weekend next week it looks good. warm and hot any way you want to call it at the coliseum. mid to upper 80s so no wind so tough there. and your highs today about a 34 degree spread. and how is that for usual around here. 72 in half moon bay.
9:51 am
106 in fairfield and antioch in the 100s from santa rosa and napa and also in morgan hill today. so looking at a warm day no matter how you slice it. look at the fog. brings the numbers back into the 50s and 60s and it will be with us tonight and tomorrow night. and you could see the subtle changes making a difference if you work out side with the bay and coastal temperatures cooler tomorrow and even inland you will probably come down just a couple. so i think 100 is better than 106 and then as we go into a thursday, that is our last very hot day because by the end of the week and the weekend, we'll all be looking forward to that like usual. tuesday summer begins. >> officially. although it feels like summer right now. >> yes. >> well you say you like cake. >> i love cake. >> they may seem like superheroes on the court but there is something human about the warriors. just like us, they like to eat cake. and so what kind of cake do you
9:52 am
get tor steph curry and k.d. on their birthday? we have the answer. >> when allison bakes a cake, the secret ingredient is elbow grease. she's been baking since little and become quite the artist. >> he is not done yet but getting there. >> and then he'll eat me. >> reporter: and so once she began making wedding cakes full time she took the plunge and opened a bakery. they never advertised, not the usual way. >> we used the free social media tools and instagram was just sort of coming out. >> but there was one marketing she hadn't counted on. by accident the cakes got the glowing endorsement that money can't buy. >> it was for his birthday. >> a friend of a friend needed a cake for the farmer warrior's center, steph curry called it the best cake he had. >> and he had to qualify that and say his wife made him a cake
9:53 am
for the wedding. >> he doesn't want to be in the dog house. >> no. smart guy. >> and now they wake all of the birthday cakes with designs that get more elaborate every year. >> we've done stef's three point trophy. >> and a jersey done by a spartan. >> and mcadoo, we put his dog dg the cake. >> so good the players post about it online which has this little bakery thriving. >> it is weird because we are small with a small kitchen and a small shop, but big clients so it is good. >> curry from downtown. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. coming up, a big day ahead at the san francisco zoo. look at that. those pretty cute giraffe
9:54 am
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9:56 am
welcome back. new developments, all lanes now open eastbound on the bay bridge. a live look from our emeryville camera. good news for drivers. okay. happening today, more than just father's day, it is world draft day. so the unofficial holiday created to araise awareness for giraffes. the zoo will offer free admission to fathers with kids and there will be floyd the giraffe, a father himself will be the focus of a keeper talk at
9:57 am
4:30 this afternoon. don't miss that. that is cool. >> that is nice there at the zoo. you get the breeze. temperatures about 70 degrees. but we'll look for 80 today, san francisco, 90 in oakland and the peninsula in the mid-90s to 100 degrees and 101 santa rosa and 106 in antioch. the accuweather seven-day forecast, waking up with fog. summer begins on tuesday and back to warmer temperatures on wednesday and thursday. i can't wait until the end of the week and the weekend like always. but we're going to need it by then. >> yes. lisa, thank you. thanks for joinin us on abc 7 news. happy father's day. i'm jessica castro in for carolyn tyler. enjoy the day out there. wear the sunscreen and take a water bottle and follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. have a great sunday.
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♪ >> aww, what a celebration! richard, 125 years in business, selling furniture. >> no, no, no, no. not me. my family! >> yeah, obviously it's not just him. he's only been doing it for 80 years, but the family -- >> just about. >> tell us. >> in 1892, grandpa started a furniture store in chicago. >> mm-hmm. >> and obviously my father followed, and then me, then my daughters, and now josh. so, josh, this would be your great-great grandfather that started the business. you know what his first name was? >> josh.


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